Mina Izadpanah
Product Designer


Project Brief

Rebtel is a company which provides complete suite of services for migrants including calling, sending money and messaging. After releasing the new design of the app, data showed us we had a drop in subscription transaction which means that new design effected the user experience and also the revenue of the company!

The Problem

Releasing the new design of the app, causes a drop in subscription transaction. 

The Goal

Objective was to improve the subscription plan flow in a trusty, flexible and easy to understand to increase the subscription purchase and bring it to the prevues state of pre-update version.


I worked in a cross-functional team. As the main UX/UI designer, I was involved in all phases of the project, from mapping out the problem to delivering final designs.


Qualitative Research, UX Design, Visual Design, Prototyping and Testing

The Process

My process will be different inn different projects and will be determined by many factors such as the project goals, business needs, complexity of the problem, time and etc. Here I’ll describe my process for solving this problem.

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design
Subscription Service - UI/UX Design


Understanding the Why with User Research

Through the support of my team and PM, I encouraged our team to leverage user research and testing to validate any solutions before any redesigning. We conducted different interviews to identify pain points, Opportunity and insights. I found patterns in users perceptions and tasks and aggregated my findings in the form of a persona.

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design

Key Findings

For calling purpose users aren't patient enough to explore the app and learn new experience. They are looking for quick and easy to understand interaction.

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design


Potential Solutions

The research made it evident how different users would use the app differently. After summarizing the information from user interviews and data analysis, It was the time to sketching different solutions to help business and users. 

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design

Prioritizing the Potential Solutions

In this step I involved PM and devs to discuss about the different solutions and prioritize them.

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design

Story Board

I created a storyboard describing my user’s experience with the app.

After talking with different users and understanding their story and their needs before starting designing any pages it was the time to create a persona and the story to create an empathy with users and design a product that works for them.

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design

User Journey Flow

Creating UX flow helps me to understand the whole user journey and covering all the screens.

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design
Subscription Service - UI/UX Design


Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

We had a list of screens to cover all scenarios so I started to do grayscale wireframes to detail out the flows. In this step I also made a mid-fidelity prototype to test the idea with users and fix the problems in the early stage.

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design
Subscription Service - UI/UX Design


Mid-Fidelity Prototype

Before starting creating a high fidelity visual design and any other implementation, I created prototypes to test the solutions with users and understand how the new solutions works.

Made by inVision

High Fidelity Mockups

Here I put some of the screens from the primary actions in the subscription purchase. Market place screen for discovering all the calling rate plans plus payment and order summary page.

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design
Subscription Service - UI/UX Design
Screens for A/B Test

Screens for A/B Test


A/B Testing and Measuring the Success

According to first Usability test results, we decided to run A/B test for market place screen and test this experiment with a small group of users to evaluate which variation performs better.

To measure the success of this test we define to track

  • First interaction count, how well does the new subscription offer attract attention.
  • Checkout success rate, measure how many customers finish the checkout process or Increasing the total amount of subscription purchase.

Subscription Service - UI/UX Design

What I have learned from this project?

  • Keep doing different tests and validating the ideas before launching any features.Defining a proper measurements for success is one of the keys to validate the test results.

  • For complex UX problems research is a must. I couldn’t have designed a product users love without the help of the people who will actually use it. The user interviews revealed unexpected information.